New Year, New Ambition


new year

I didn’t make a single blog post in 2015.

That’s because due to personal reasons I decided to take the entire year off from writing.

It was awesome. Instead of feeling guilty for not writing, I simply said, “I’m not writing this year.”

It was liberating. I spent lots of time on my other hobbies.

It was scary. I felt the itch return a few times.

But I didn’t write anything.

I always get burned out after NaNoWriMo, and 2014 was no different. I didn’t even finish writing the book, although I did ‘win’ Nano. So I was OK at taking six months off. My computer barely turned on during that time. I didn’t miss it at all.

After about six months, I started to get the urge to write again.

Contrary to what people believe about writers, I didn’t succumb to the temptation.

I wanted to complete my ‘no writing in 2015’ goal because writing is what I’ve always done, even if I don’t have a lot of quality finished work to show for it.

‘Writer’ is part of my identity, like being tall and blonde.

And I needed to be able to devote more time to the other important things in my life, because writing takes up A LOT of time, and I got married in 2014, and I’d felt like I wasn’t spending enough time with my husband.

My plan for 2016

is to find a better balance between ‘no writing’ and ‘writing every day’.

Because writing takes discipline, but I don’t want to burn out.

However, some of you may have noticed the rebranding I started in early 2015 just before I decided to take my sabbatical.

It says ‘Lissa Writes sci-fi, paranormal, fantasy, contemporary romance.’

I’ve published the sci-fi and the paranormal. I’m sitting on the contemporary romance because they’re novellas and I need to make the decision on whether to publish them myself or not.

My 2014 novel was the fantasy, the first part of a trilogy I am determined to complete.

To do that, I’ve formulated a basic, flexible plan.

I’m going to attempt all three NaNoWriMo events this year.

That’s the two Camp NaNoWriMos, held in April and July, and the regular November NaNoWriMo.

After completing the Camp/NaNos, during the ‘off season’, I’m not going to write anything else other than working on the previous NaNo novels.

(Unless I feel like it, of course.)

I’m going to dream, plan, and let my imagination flow with creativity.

I’m going to fill the pages of my colouring books, read books from my ‘to-read’ shelf, play with my three adorable cats, and spend time with my husband.

I’m going to find the balance.


2 thoughts on “New Year, New Ambition

  1. gabriellan says:

    I’m right there with you. My two all-encompassing passions (writing novels and riding horses) tend to push each other out of the picture in turns. I’m hoping to really start balancing them together this year so neither has to fall by the wayside.


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