30 Day Disney Princess Challenge: Day 2

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Day 2: Favorite Princess

belle brave

Belle from Beauty and the Beast

Belle is my favourite Disney Princess.

I love that she was different to the classic princesses that had gone before. Showing more similarities to her contemporary, Ariel, she was whip-smart, bookish, with a craving for adventure and didn’t fall for the charms of the local village hero Gaston.

I love how although she thinks she wants a grand adventure, she quickly comes to realise that being held prisoner in a creepy Gothic castle might not be it.

I love how she sacrifices her own happiness to save her father and then returns to the castle once the Beast lets her go. She’s loyal as fuck to those she loves.

I love how she’s sweet and kind and looks past the Beast’s fearsome exterior to fall in love with him. even if she wasn’t ‘rewarded’ with a handsome prince, I think they would have been happy. I love the Gothicness of the story, with an innocent young girl trapped in a Gothic castle with a man intending to be her beloved. There’s something about that trope I really like. I also really like the whole love story, from the antagonistic beginning between the couple, to a growing mutual respect, like, and admiration.

I like that she’s physically different to the other princesses as well. She’s the only brunette (not counting Rapunzel) and she’s the only one with hazel eyes. I think those differences help make her live up to her name.

And despite it all, I like that she wasn’t born royalty but married in to it. That’s not very common with the Disney Princesses.