30 Day Disney Princess Challenge: Day 6

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Prettiest Princess

jasmine 5

I think the prettiest princess Disney ever drew was Princess Jasmine from Aladdin.

She’s got those amazing shaped, enormous brown eyes with perfect lashes that look like winged eyeliner, that flawless jet-black hair, her nose is adorable and her smile is to die for.

jasmine 2

When I was a child I wanted to wear my hair like hers. Alas, it was never long nor thick enough, and I quickly discovered that a low loose ponytail looks pretty stupid on me anyway.

jasmine 3

She’s even adorable when she’s mad, which surprisingly for a princess, happens quite often. She’s quite feisty.

jasmine 6

jasmine 4

jasmine 1

And of course how can I forget the amazing red slave costume where with a twitch of her hips (hips to waist ratio is like WHAAAT?) she convinces Jafar she’s in love with him. I love that killer high ponytail.

jasmine 7

I mean sure, she’s slender and petite and spends most of the film showing her belly button, but she’s drawn so well and I think she’s the prettiest princess.