30 Day Disney Princess Challenge: Day 11

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Favourite Animal Sidekick

My favourite animal sidekick is Pascal the chameleon from Tangled.

pascal chameleon

It’s so unique to have a chameleon, let alone one named Pascal. For a long time I thought it was meant to signify something – I did film studies at University, so I’m always looking for the symbolism – like Percy the pug in Pocahontas symbolises the cruelty that comes with selfish wealth and later the acceptance of the Native American.

pascal shake head

But it turns out Tangled’s director met a staff’s pet chameleon called Pascal and fell in love with him, so added him to the film when they were thinking of an animal sidekick.

pascal tongue

Pascal, despite his size, serves as a protector and confidant of Rapunzel. It’s not clear how they came together, but they’re inseparable. He encourages her to be brave and comforts her in time of need.

pascal hug

He’s also pretty tough for his size. He’s not afraid of Flynn or Maximus the horse. Some of the best parts in the fil comes from when Flynn’s reacting to Pascal. Flicking him off his shoulder, grabbing him and making his eyes bulge, setting him down on the boat. And of course, who can forget Pascal’s not-so-gentle way of waking Flynn up?

pascal flynn