30 Day Disney Princess Challenge: Day 14

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Favorite Villain

jafar ecstatic

I nominate Jafar the Royal Vizier from Aladdin as my favourite Disney Princess villain.


Quite simply, because he wins. He gets what he wants. He starts out as just a small-time hypnotist, and grows in power.  He outsmarts everyone, climbs to the height of power, and it’s only because of his love of ultimate power, his narcissism, and a quick-thinking street rat that he is defeated.

I love that his sidekick Iago the parrot is named after Shakespeare’s greatest villain, I love how dry his wit is. I love how he doesn’t even want to marry Princess Jasmine to begin with – it’s really just a means to an end. I even love how the voice of the movie Jafar, Jonathon Freeman, went on to play Jafar in the Broadway show. That voice!