30 Day Disney Princess Challenge: Day 15

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Favorite Romantic Moment

My favourite romantic moment in any Disney Princess film is the moment when the Beast changes into Prince Adam because Belle says “I love you” just before the final rose petal falls in Beauty and the Beast.

They’re outside the tower in the rain and the Beast is wounded and dying from his battle with Gaston, and Belle’s exhausted from her wild ride back to the castle, and all she wants is for him to live because she realises she doesn’t want to be without him.

That’s love.

And then the rain changes colour and the music swells and some magical force raises the Beast up like he’s Jesus rising from the tomb and then BAM he’s this ridiculously good-looking HUMAN man.

Literally the power of her love transforms him.


Which, unfortunately, as romantic as that is, is a terrible trope that no one is real life should ever expect to happen.