30 Day Disney Princess Challenge: Day 18

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Favorite Name

For me, Princess Aurora and her alias Briar Rose are truly lovely names, but I have to choose Flynnigan Rider, otherwise known as Eugene Fitzherbert, orphan-turned-thief-turned-hero from Tangled.


I love both of his names. I love how he named himself after an adventurer and shortened it to Flynn. I like how he admits the original Flynnigan Rider wasn’t a thief, as he was rich enough he could do anywhere and do anything he wants, and that’s his inspiration for trying to make quick money.

Eugene Fitzherbert has the ring of Engelbert Humperdinck to it, which ironically enough is actually a pseudonym for Arnold George Dorsey. I like how as soon as Flynn tells Rapunzel his real name she starts calling him by that name. I think Eugene Fitzherbert is meant to be a slightly ridiculous name, or at least not halfway as cool as Flynnigan Rider, but i think it has a nice ring to it as well.