NaNoWriMo 2016 kick-off!

Now, I didn’t write a post yesterday on NaNoWriMo’s inaugural day because I was too busy once I’d finished my words to write a blog post.

And I didn’t write a ‘Prepping for NaNo’ post earlier in October because I actually did my prep back in April when I did Camp NaNo. Which is a good thing because I’ve not had the time or mental fortitude to plan whole novel lately. #supersekritproject

And I didn’t write a playlist blog post because this year I’m writing in silence.

But I will tell you this: November is the time when it starts to get cold enough to turn the heat on. I have a mini heater in my office to warm my toes, and I also have a NaNoWriMo hoodie.

This is not a hoodie emblazoned with the NaNoWriMo logo. Nay, it has naught to do with NaNoWriMo except that I pretty much only wear it in November when I’m novelling.

You can keep up with my word count to the right here, with the widget in the sidebar  —>

Also, my little companion, my cat who keeps me company when I’m writing, has discovered she can kind of perch across my shoulders as I write.


Here she is trying to gauge whether or not she can make the distance in one clean jump.

Happy Novelling!