Unconventional Tools for Writing: DollDivine Dressmaker


I’ve used DollDivine before to recreate the Disney Princesses in my blog series studying the Disney Princesses. It was fun to recreate the iconic outfits as best I could with the limited designs offered.

In my writing, I often skip over what a person is wearing. I love clothing descriptions in the literature I read, but I tend to just see faces when I’m writing, and I forget to describe what a character is wearing.

DollDivine is one of my favourite procrastination destinations because it can be useful as well. See, all these pretty clothes I design, well, maybe my characters can wear them! And then when I’m struggling to describe what my characters are wearing, I have a visual reference right in front of me!

tally-engagement-dress tallys-travelling-dress-day-one tallys-travelling-dress-day-two

Yes, Tally’s face is different in all the dolls and no, I don’t know why I gave her a wolf in the second one. Maybe it’s Ash?

I find the combined fun of working on the outfits and then being able to describe them really help me in my writing!

Are there any unconventional tools you use to help with your writing?