#SuperSekritProject Revealed! Episode Interactive

It’s time! Today is the day I am revealing my #superskreitproject, the one I’ve been working on for several months now!


I’m an author on Episode Interactive for Pocket Gems!

Episode is an interactive storytelling app available on iOS and Android, and I’ve been working in secret to develop and adapt my less fantastical, more contemporary YA story ideas to this app.

My first Episode is called No Angel. The first three chapters have been uploaded are are available to play now!

no-angel-book-coverPersephone and Angel used to be two peas in a pod. Literally. Until a falling out caused them to become as dissimilar as identical twins can be.

So when Angel goes missing after a house party and the police are convinced she simply ran away, it is up to quiet, loner Seph to unravel the mysteries and secrets her popular sister-turned-frenemy has been keeping from her.

What caused the fight between Angel’s popular clique? Who was Angel’s real boyfriend? And what really happened that fateful night when Angel showed up at the house party but never came home?

Available to read now on Episode Interactive!

Over the next few weeks I’ll introduce you to the characters in No Angel.

Today we’re meeting the protagonist and her twin sister.



Our seventeen year old lead. Serious, bookish, she deeply loves and misses her twin, Angel, who had recently began acting strangely before disappearing after a house party.


Persephone’s twin sister. Angel recently decided that no good girl ever came first, and decided to do whatever it takes to get what she wants. Her self-centered nature destroys everything.

Episodes are free to play: you start out with about two passes but you can earn up to four or five which regenerate over a few hours. You CAN buy passes and gems, but you don’t HAVE to.