30 Day Disney Princess Challenge: Day 22

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Day 22: Bravest Princess

I can only come up with a draw for whom I think the two bravest Disney Princesses are, and I hope once you see my arguments for both of them you might agree.

The first bravest princess I nominate is Belle, and here’s why:


  • She went out looking for her missing father by herself in the middle of winter.
  • She offered to take Maurice’s place as prisoner after seeing the horrible way the Beast treated him, and expected to stay in the dungeon.
  • She explores the West Wing, even though she’s been told it’s off limits.
  • She goes back to the castle to tend to Beast’s wounds, even though she could have left him to die in the forest and even though he’d done nothing but yell at and terrify her.
  • She had the courage to look beyond his scary exterior and find the gentleman beneath.
  • She was brave enough to leave Beast when her father needed her most.
  • She stands up to Gaston, whom no one else in the village has the balls to call out.
  • She said “I love you” first, not knowing it would change everything.

The second bravest princess I nominate is Rapunzel, and here’s why:


  • She has been raised to be afraid of the outside world, yet she still leaves her safe tower armed with nothing but a frying pan.
  • She leaves her tower even though she knows it will hurt the only person she thinks cares about her, Mother Gothel.
  • She places herself in front of a raging horse and manages to calm him down.
  • She fights the ruffians for Flynn’s freedom using only her frying pan.
  • She trusts Flynn with her secret even though she barely knows him.
  • She is brave enough to trust Flynn when he goes to return the crown.
  • She confronts her ‘mother’ when she figures out the truth of being the lost princess.
  • She fights and fights Mother Gothel but promises to go with her if she can save Flynn.

So what do you think? Who’s the bravest out of Belle and Rapunzel? I just can’t choose.