Meet The Cast of No Angel: Tristan

Today it’s time to meet one of the secondary characters in No Angel, an Episode Interactive story you can play on the app from iOS and Android.

This is Tristan.


He’s Persephone’s eventual love interest although they do not get along at first.

Unfortunately I can’t really go into why I named his Tristan as it’s a huge spoiler.

Also I can’t talk about why he’s so pale instead of a person of colour, because that’s a spoiler, too. He has purple eyes. And that’s a spoiler as well. I hope you pay close attention to what happens at the beginning of Chapter 4!

His personality is a little abrasive, a little hot-headed, but fiercely loyal and protective of his loved ones. He feels his duty keenly but over time has learned to bend the rules a little.

He wears black to show his affinity with Persephone and the hint of red is also a spoiler, so I can’t tell you what it means, but you’ll figure it out when you read the story…

When No Angel was going to be a contemporary novel, there was no Tristan. I added him exclusively for the the interactive story once I figured out I could do something a little cooler than just a regular whodunnit.

I hope you enjoy Tristan’s part in No Angel and please remember to share and recommend the story!