30 Day Disney Princess Challenge: Day 24

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Day 24: Favorite Parent

This one is difficult for me because there’s aspects of each parent that I really like.

For example, Aurora’s parents are willing to let her go to save her life. It can’t be easy giving up a baby to three kooky fairies and not knowing how your beloved daughter is growing up.

I really like King Triton’s willingness to bend the rules once he discovers how making Ariel a human will make her so happy.

I love Maurice’s eternal love for Belle and refusal to accept that she’s ‘odd’.

I love that the Sultan wants what is best for Jasmine and allows her to marry a commoner.

Chief Powhatan is a very strong and determined leader but also is good at making allies, and he won’t back down from a fight until Pocahontas literally throws her body in front of John’s.

I love that Mulan’s father is willing to go back to war to save his family. He may be crippled but he still walks tall.

I’m actually not a huge fan of Tiana’s parents, mostly because her dad kind of misguides her about wishing on stars and hard work, and her mother doesn’t fully support her dream from the start, and to be honest I’m still trying to ‘get’ the message of The Princess and the Frog.

But to be honest, I think I like Rapunzel’s parents best. They don’t talk in the entire film, but you can tell the depth of love they have for each other and their missing daughter. The scenes are small and so are the details, but I love every scene they are in. Especially when they are getting ready to light the lanterns, and the king cries a single tear, man that scene always sets me off. They never gave up hope, they didn’t try to replace Rapunzel with another heir, they are just good, dedicated people and beloved by their kingdom.

I'm allowed to be sad at this point!