January update and new Episode!

It’s been quiet on the blog and if you’ve been wondering where I’ve been or if I’ve been doing any writing, I’m here to update you.

2016 was the worst possible year for me. Not only did my husband’s mental health slip until he  nearly killed himself and changed medication (he’s doing fine now mentally) but the week before Christmas, he had a minor workplace accident that escalated to him not being able to feel or move his legs and ended up with him being rushed to Accident & Emergency for emergency back surgery on a Sunday morning.

He’s been in hospital ever since, so for about 5 weeks now, learning to walk again.

He’ll never get back to being 100%. We’re not sure where he’ll end up. Likely not in a wheelchair, but we’re not sure whether he’ll be dependent on a walking frame, crutches, a walking stick, or just a walking boot around the non-responsive leg that is hampering his ability.

So my role in life has changed as well. Not only am I his carer for his mental health, but I am his carer for his new disability.

Hopefully he’ll be home within the next month and I will have some more free time to work on my writing and blogging again.

So now that I’ve told you the bad stuff, I’ll explain why No Angel hasn’t had an update.

Because of my husband’s stay in hospital, I haven’t had much free time to write. However, before he went into hospital, I committed to taking part in the Episode Interactive Forum’s February 2017 Writer’s Contest, called Cupid’s Arrow “stories of unexpected love”

When Cupid’s Arrow strikes you fall hard and you fall fast for someone unexpected, someone MC wouldn’t see themselves with if not for Cupid’s magic…

I committed to doing this contest, and I requested cover art from the most talented artist I know, awkwardlyxx of The Awkward Cover Art Shoppe, and then, ten days later, my world turned upside down. My time has been split between the hospital, my full-time day job, and sleeping because I’m exhausted.

Now that I was committed, I couldn’t pull out. I only had time to write either my contest piece or something for No Angel, so No Angel went on the back-burner.

So my contest piece was written and submitted within the deadline with a gorgeous cover, and now I’m revealing it to you.

Cupid’s Arrow: Guardian Trials


Cover by The Awkward Cover Art Shoppe

Eight teens compete to become the new Guardian to the King and Queen. Will unexpected love get in the way of duty?

In this fantasy romance, you play the part of Delta, the Water Tribe’s candidate for the new Guardian to the Sun King and Moon Queen.

During the trials, you unexpectedly fall in love with the sensitive, sweet Fire Tribe candidate, Ignatius ‘Nate’. But when the Moon Queen is kidnapped by the Storm King, it is up to Delta to muster all her courage and cunning to overcome his power and rescue her beloved Queen.

Available to read on Episode Interactive.

I might do some introductory posts in the next few weeks, but at least now you know why it’s been so quiet over here.

Episodes are free to play: you start out with about two passes but you can earn up to four or five which regenerate over a few hours. You CAN buy passes and gems, but you don’t HAVE to.