Beautiful People February 2017: No Angel Edition

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Beautiful People is a linkup hosted by Cait @ Paper Fury and Sky @ Further Up and Further In.

It’s aimed at writers so we can answer the questions about our characters and our books. It’s designed to help you get to know your book better! (And also give your followers a sneak peek of your works-in-progresses.)

Beautiful People

I’ve taking part in Beutiful People this month because I want to talk more about my Episode WIP called No Angel and the romance between my main character Persephone and the mysterious boy Tristan who knows what happened to Perspehone’s missing twin, Angel.

The Book Episode

My Episode is currently 4 chapters long and is called No Angel. You can find out more about No Angel and Episodes here.

Persephone and Angel used to be two peas in a pod. Literally. Until a falling out caused them to become as dissimilar as identical twins can be.

So when Angel goes missing after a house party and the police are convinced she simply ran away, it is up to quiet, loner Seph to unravel the mysteries and secrets her popular sister-turned-frenemy has been keeping from her.

What caused the fight between Angel’s popular clique? Who was Angel’s real boyfriend? And what really happened that fateful night when Angel showed up at the house party but never came home?

The Questions

Just a warning that there are some MASSIVE spoilers for chapters I haven’t written yet.

  1. How and why did they meet?

Tristan enrolled at Persephone’s high school in senior year, believing she was the person he was tracking. He was wrong. They met officially in the girl’s bathroom where he tried to remove her ‘wig’ and she slapped him across the face.


2. What were their first impressions of each other?

Although Persephone thought Tristan was attractive, she didn’t like his arrogance and found him really creepy. The fact that all the other girls found him really hot also turned her off. Persephone’s not the type to follow the leader, which is why her signature style is Goth.

Tristan believed Persphone was Angel so he was pretty disgusted by her. But once he figured out she was Angel’s twin, a protectiveness came over him, and he even found her attractive. He likes how feisty she is, and he tries to respect her wishes. It is her sister he’s tracking, after all.

3. How would they prove their love for each other?

SPOILER (highlight text to reveal)

Tristan would leave his current millenium-long relationship with Isadora, and Persephone would allow Tristan to turn her into a vampire.

4. What would be an ideal date?

A walk along the beach in the moonlight, just talking about everything.

5. Is there something they emphatically disagree on?

Tristan believes that lycans are just animals and need to be put down. Perspehone believes that like vampires, lycans have a vestige of their humanity still left in them, and is willing to give them a second chance.

6. List 5 “food quirks” they know about each other. (Ex: how they take their coffee, if they’re allergic to something, etc….and feel free to mention other non-food quirks!)

Tristan is allergic to garlic and sunlight, although he has protection fromthe sun’s rays from a fairy queen.

Persephone doesn’t like coffee.

7. What’s one thing they know about each other that no one else does?

That the story of Tristram and Isuelt was true, although now it has become somewhat distorted from what originally happened.

8. What’s one thing that they keep a secret from each other?

Not sure yet, will have to figure that out.

9. How would their lives be different without each other?

Persephone would never find out what happened to Angel and would be another of Angel’s victims.

Tristan would continue in his relationship with Isadora and never find the true fulfilment he finds with Persephone.

10. Where do they each see this relationship going?

SPOILER (highlight text to reveal)

Definitely not to marriage and babies! I imagine Persephone will join the coven and help Tristan and Isadora hunt down rogue lycans.