March update and a new Episode!


It’s been quiet around here.

We’ve had some life-changing adjustments to make.

My husband came out of hospital unable to feel his feet. He’s doing rehab, and he’s got crutches and a wheelchair. It’s possible that the nerve damage in his back was so severe he might never gain full use of his legs. It’s also possible that the nerves might grow back, very slowly. We just don’t know, and neither do the neurosurgeons.

We moved house to a more accessible house for him. I’ve still got boxes to unpack.

I lost my day job. I was made redundant. I don’t really want to talk about it.

And I completed a new 3-part Episode for the Mysterious contest called Those Left Behind, which I’m incredibly proud of because I first had the idea long before the Mysterious contest was even announced, so I put NO ANGEL on hold (yet again) to get this 3-part story out.

The April 2017 writing contest was called Mysterious“suspense in the digital age”

Things not quite adding up at a crime scene? Did MC’s significant other vanish without a trace? Receiving messages from someone you thought was dead? Woke up in a strange place with a dead body and can’t remember how you got there? Use your sleuthing skills to solve the mystery!

I actually thought of the plot for this story long before the contest was announced. It was going to be my second Episode, but since I knew it was only going to be 3 chapters long, I worried about who would bother to read it. Thankfully this contest was announced, which gave me the push I needed to write the story!

I even made my own cover art!

Mysterious: Those Left Behind

You wake up alone in an unfamiliar world. Where has everybody gone? It’s up to YOU to figure it out.

In this mystery, you wake up in an abandoned laboratory as a female scientist with no memory of what has happened, but with evidence of some kind of major catastrophe affecting the lab.

It’s your job to figure out what happened. After all, you are a scientist.

Available to read on Episode Interactive.


Episodes are free to play: you start out with about two passes but you can earn up to four or five which regenerate over a few hours. You CAN buy passes and gems, but you don’t HAVE to.