I took the plunge and I’ve made my new contemporary romance novella BACKSTAGE HEAT, part 1 of the LIES FOR A LIVING trilogy and part 1 of the CHAOS OF STARS serial, available for pre-order:

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Release date is only two weeks away, on Saturday 15th April! Then the second novella CENTRE STAGE will be released in May and the third LEADING LADY in June!

Here’s the blurb to BACKSTAGE HEAT:

Curvy Aussie ex-pat Tori Walker never expected to catch the eye of the hottest actor on London’s West End. Cameron Campbell is a notorious womaniser, and guys like him don’t notice girls like her – except he did, and now he wants her in his bed. But Tori’s not prepared to share her darkest secret with London’s baddest playboy, even if she had been crushing on him for years.

Cameron had given up on finding love offstage, accepting an eternity of make-believe and losing himself in one night stands and booty calls. When Tori enters Cameron’s life, he finds himself overcome with feelings that he thought were gone forever. Can Tori learn to trust someone who lies for a living, or will Cameron lose her to her inner demons?

It’s a sexy, sweet, glitzy New Adult Contemporary Romance novella about a plus-sized  nineteen year old Aussie expat trying to make a life in London, and running into her long-time celebrity crush at her new job.

Confession: I wrote this in 2014 but never had the guts to publish it! There are heavy sex scenes that will make my mother blush! Sorry Mum!

Also confession: a publishing editor told me the love interest was ‘too good to be true’! At the time, I was writing an anti-Christian Grey: someone who was sweet, supporting and caring the whole way. If that’s too good to be true then I guess my husband doesn’t exist either!

Is this based on my husband and me? No, it’s not, but I have taken certain elements of our lives and embellished or re-imagined. My husband is English and we lived together in England for nearly two years before moving to Australia. We both worked in the theatre over there, me in front of house and him as stage manager.  My husband is seven feet tall: Cameron’s only 6’6. Tori and I are both fat, but she’s also pretty, whereas I am not. Some of the trauma Tori has to overcome is the same trauma I had to overcome, so I’m  writing from the heart.

I hope you enjoy the novella and I look forward to writing more of the CHAOS OF STARS serial.