NEW RELEASE: Lies for a Living Book #2 Centre Stage

Recently CENTRE STAGE, part two of the LIES FOR A LIVING trilogy and part two of the CHAOS OF STARS serial, was published.

Get your copy exclusively from Amazon Kindle here.

The third part of the trilogy, LEADING LADY, will be released in the middle of June, and a box set will also be released as an ebook and as a paperback after that.

Here’s the blurb to CENTRE STAGE:

Tori and Cameron have spent three blissful months together flying under the radar of the paparazzi while Cameron completes his West End run of Wuthering Heights.

But then the paparazzi mysteriously start getting all the scoops on Cameron’s location and expose their secret relationship, bringing up questions about the notorious former playboy’s faithfulness while swamping them with obsessed fans who hate Tori because she managed to snag the object of their lust.

Tori desperately wants to trust her man who lies for a living, but has he gone back to his old ways, or are the paparazzi just after juicy gossip?

Meanwhile, a dangerously obsessed stalker might put their liaison to an end once and for all…

Get your copy exclusively from Amazon Kindle here.

I hope you enjoy the novella and I look forward to writing more of the CHAOS OF STARS serial.