I write sci-fi, paranormal, fantasy and contemporary romance stories with a distinct feminist slant for readers disillusioned with femininity in traditional commercial literature.

I graduated from the University of Tasmania, Australia  in 2008 with an Bachelor’s degree with Honours in English Literature, and a thesis on the page-to-screen adaptations of two gender-bending Shakespeare plays. My second major was sociology, and my minors include gender studies, media studies, and ancient civilisations including mythology.

I currently live in the UK with my fiancé.

My first novel, The Edge of Darkness, went on sale in September 2011.

My second novel, Storm of Blood, went on sale in in April 2013.

I have also written two short story collections: Storm Front, a prequel to Storm of Blood, and The Archive of Lost Dreams, a collection of paranormal tales.

I also write under a pen name, and one day I might reveal it.

Join me on my journey through writing, editing and publishing my novels.

Just a few of the comments my writing has received:

“Lissa’s writing is cinematic, elegant and easy to read, and her characters flamboyant and wonderfully unique. “

“The Tina Storm: Demon Hunter short story collection is fast paced and leaves you hungry for more.”

“Engaging, interesting and entertaining. You know how to make the reader want to know what’s going to happen. And your characters are well rounded and distinct.”

“Please tell me you’ve started the second book as I am desperate to know what happens!”

“I am officially a fan!”


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