Lissa writes sci-fi, paranormal, fantasy, and contemporary romance novels with a distinct feminist slant for readers disillusioned with femininity in traditional commercial literature.

Her first novel, The Edge of Darkness (2011), is a deep-space cyberpunk New Adult sci-fi about cyborgs, and her second novel, Demon’s Blood (2013), is a Young Adult urban paranormal romance about a teenage demon hunter and her shapeshifting boyfriend fighting a coven of witches.

She has also released two paranormal short story collections: Tina Storm: Demon Hunter, a prequel to Demon’s Blood, and The Archive of Lost Dreams.

Her newest release the New Adult contemporary romance Lies for a Living trilogy (consisting of the 3 novellas Backstage Heat, Centre Stage, Leading Lady, and the box set Name in Lights) is influenced by her life living as an Aussie expat in England and takes a look at the drama and romance behind the scenes during a production run on West End. Lies for a Living is part one of the CHAOS OF STARS serial about a British rock band.

Lissa graduated from the University of Tasmania with a Bachelor’s degree with Honours in English Literature, and a thesis on the page-to-screen adaptations of two gender-bending Shakespeare plays. Her second major was sociology, and her minors include gender studies, media studies, and ancient civilisations including mythology.

Lissa lives in Australia with her English husband and three black cats. Strangely, no one has ever accused her of being a witch.

She also writes under several pen names.

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