NaNoWriMo 2017 Kick Off

It’s been pretty quiet around here because I haven’t really been doing anything writing-wise for a couple of months now.

In my defense I did publish a brand new contemporary romance and 2 new Episodes this year, AND rebranded the Tina Storm: Demon Hunter series.

But like (almost) always, I am attempting National Novel Writing Months, otherwise known as NaNoWriMo, this month, kicking off today.

I’ve been tossing around whether I really want to do it this year. With 5 wins from 6 attempts (I didn’t attempt it in 2015 and my computer literally blew up halfway through 2012’s attempt and I hadn’t backed up my novel and was so heartbroken I gave up) I’m pretty keen to finish the new adult fantasy trilogy I started in 2014 but this year has been so hard and stressful on me and I started a new job last week, and I just thought I wouldn’t have the fortitude to tackle something I didn’t absolutely plan on ‘winning’.

But my love of writing, and my love of these characters and wanting to wrap up this story has won me over. Which is interesting, asI’m going in to the third book in the trilogy having not yet finished the second because as you might know, fair reader, my husband went into hospital in the middle of December last year for a back injury and didn’t come out for 2 months, so I didn’t really have the emotional strength to finish that novel when I was working on my Episodes.

(Speaking of which, No Angel has been dormant for a long time but I absolutely do plan on finishing it. I just don’t have the strength to do that and novelling at the same time.)

Well, today was kind of just a brain barf for me. I did plan on writing something NaNo-related. Tasmania has its own region this year, which is something, although I haven’t been to a write-in yet and I’m not sure I will go to any this year. I’m pretty busy outside of writing. But I will leave you with my favourite writing trick for NaNo and one I used just today as I powered past the 1667 minimum and stopped at 2000K instead (you can see my progress in the sidebar ->):

The best place to stop writing is in the middle of an exciting scene where you know what’s going to happen next. That way, when you return the next day, you know exactly what to write and won’t waste time staring at the screen muttering, “NOW what happens?”

My characters were just attacked by what appears to be a grizzly bear, which seemed like a good place to stop for the day.


Storm Force Rebranding: Tina Storm: Demon Hunter and Demon’s Blood

Today I’m very excited to reveal the rebranding for the Storm Force series, which consists of a prequel novella formerly titled Storm Front and now titled Tina Storm: Demon Hunter, and a full-length novel formerly titled Storm of Blood, now titled Demon’s Blood.

The very talented Anna of Cover Couture is responsible for Demon’s Blood’s cover and I love it! It gives such a great Gothicy-paranormal-urban fantasy feel to the novel, which I think really fits.

Demon’s Blood
by Lissa Bilyk
Genre: YA Paranormal


Australian teenage demon hunter Tina Storm has been banned from using her lightning vanquish. To earn it back, she has to infiltrate a coven of witches suspected of using illegal blood magic to control people’s minds. Resident witch hottie Lachlan’s sudden interest in her can’t be coincidence – can it? After all, he’s pretty popular with the other girls in the coven – especially Chelsea, who’s decided Tina is evil for stealing her boyfriend.

Meanwhile, Tina has to juggle her end of year exams, her demon hunting, and her family as her relationship with Chinese shapeshifting demon Ten deepens. She’s also being hunted by an ancient vampire for the death of the vampire’s offspring. Can Tina solve the blood magic mystery, settle the vampire with a grudge, and soothe her romantic relationships without the help of her powers? How much can one teenage demon hunter take?

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Tina Storm: Demon Hunter is FREE on Smashwords!

Demon’s Blood is free on Smashwords for all of July, just use the code SW100 when prompted at checkout.

You’ll be pleased to know that I bought THREE covers from Cover Couture, so TIna’s story will definitely be a trilogy when I have the time to write and publish them!


Cover Reveal Organized by:

YA Bound Book Tours

Storm Force Rebranding

I’ve engaged the services of YA Bound Book Tours to help me reveal the rebranding for the Storm Force series scheduled for 19th July.

The prequel and the first book in the series are getting a title and cover change thanks to Anna of Cover Couture and I’m very excited to share this with everyone.

If you would like to participate in this cover reveal, please fill follow the link below and fill out the form. Participants will receive everything they need for the cover reveal 1 day before the reveal. YA Bound Book Tours will also send out an HTML-ready post if you prefer, feel free to personalize this as you wish to best fit your blog design/layout.


COVER REVEAL: NAME IN LIGHTS (Lies for a Living Box Set #1-3)

As a little surprise, the LIES FOR A LIVING trilogy will be released in a box set comprising of all three books for a discounted price than if you’d buy them all separately. NAME IN LIGHTS (Lies for a Living BoxN Set #1-3) will be released on 15 July 2017.

Here’s the cover and blurb:

In this special edition Box Set of the Lies for a Living trilogy, you will find all three Lies for a Living novellas bundled into one exclusive novel-length romantic adventure.

Book #1: Backstage Heat
Book #2: Centre Stage
Book #3: Leading Lady


Curvy Aussie ex-pat Tori Walker never expected to catch the eye of the hottest actor on London’s West End.
Cameron Campbell is a notorious womaniser, and guys like him don’t notice girls like her – except he did, and now he wants her in his bed.
But Tori’s not prepared to share her darkest secret with London’s baddest playboy, even if she had been crushing on him for years.
Cameron had given up on finding love offstage, accepting an eternity of make-believe and losing himself in one night stands and booty calls.
When Tori enters Cameron’s life, he finds himself overcome with feelings that he thought were gone forever.
Can Tori learn to trust someone who lies for a living, or will Cameron lose her to her inner demons?


Tori and Cameron have spent three blissful months together flying under the radar of the paparazzi while Cameron completes his West End run of Wuthering Heights.
But then the paparazzi mysteriously start getting all the scoops on Cameron’s location and expose their secret relationship, bringing up questions about the notorious former playboy’s faithfulness while swamping them with obsessed fans who hate Tori because she managed to snag the object of their lust.
Tori desperately wants to trust her man who lies for a living, but has he gone back to his old ways, or are the paparazzi just after juicy gossip?
Meanwhile, a dangerously obsessed stalker might put their liaison to an end once and for all…


Tori and Cameron are newly engaged, but Cameron’s off to Hawaii for six months to shoot an action film while Tori’s stuck in London.
Desperately bored and lonely, Tori decides to spice things up by auditioning for a local band looking for a new lead singer.
When she meets the enigmatic, irresistible Kai Henderson, resident tattooed and pierced bad boy keyboardist, sparks fly.
Cameron may have a reputation as a sleep-around, but Tori trusts him despite the distance. Can she trust herself with a hot rockstar who won’t take no for an answer?

Available for pre-order here.