The Archive of Lost Dreams

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Four short tales of the paranormal…

Don’t Even Peep

Why does eight-year-old Susan wakes up in front of a large covered-up frame hidden away in the attic every morning? Why does her grandmother keep her from peeping behind the luxurious velvet? When will Susan’s father come home? Secrets abound in this Victorian paranormal ultra-short story (2000 words).

The Archive of Lost Dreams

“What is this place?” I ask.

“It is the Archive of Lost Dreams,” he tells me.

“Why are the dreams lost?”

“Some people have had to put a great many of their dreams away as they make sacrifices for those that they love.”

“Where do they put them?” I wonder out loud.

“They are tucked away in a little bottle, where the dreamer can unravel and admire them at will. But sometimes the bottle is accidentally left to float away in the great ocean of life, and the dreams escape. The dreamers forget they ever existed. This is where they end up.”

An ultra-short (2000 words) paranormal story about a little girl’s discovery into her parents’ wishes and desires.

Roses Are Red

When nineteen-year-old Loren starts to dream about a mysterious angel called Justice, he soon reveals himself as her own guardian angel. What’s worse: he’s fallen in love with her, and is incredibly jealous of her friendship with any young man: especially the musician and friend, Martin. This paranormal short story is 4500 words.

Round, Round The Fairy Ring

Seven-year-old Abigail hates her new baby sister, Celeste. But Celeste has changed from the premature and sick baby into a plump, healthy infant overnight. Then Abigail accidentally falls into a fairy ring and realises her sister has been replaced with a changeling. And no one but Abigail messes with her sister. This ultra-short suburban fantasy is 5500 words.



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