Tina Storm: Demon Hunter (Demon’s Blood Prequel)

Formerly published individually and as a collection titled ‘Storm Force’.

An Amazon.co.uk bestseller!

E-book editions of Tina Storm: Demon Hunter are available from:


Barnes & Noble

Tina Storm has never been a normal teenager. She’s a demon hunter with the gift of a lightning vanquish – an inherited power from a long line of Storm demon hunters and researchers.

Blessed with a natural gift for finding – and fighting – dangerous demons, and keeping the human populace safe and unaware, Tina also struggles with her daily life:

  • Keeping an after-school job: check.
  • Participation in the school play: check.
  • Getting a date with the cute loner boy from art class: check.

All the while, Tina keeps her city safe by fighting a German water demon stalking her boyfriend, facing off with a vampire, and tracking a serial killer murdering her classmates.

Tina Storm: Demon Hunter is a prequel anthology consisting of five urban fantasy ultra-short stories (under 5k) that trace Tina’s adventures as she moves to a new town and starts a new school. 


Tina will make another appearance in her first full-length novel, Demon’s Blood, in 2013.


4 thoughts on “Tina Storm: Demon Hunter (Demon’s Blood Prequel)

    • Lissa says:

      Thank you very much, I’m very excited about this collection. It gives me a chance to write about more common paranormal creatures than the original cultures of my high fantasy.


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