Storm of Blood Cover Reveal

Once upon a time I was contacted by a just starting out artist named Cameo Anderson who wanted to draw me some fan art of Tina Storm. I obliged, and you can see this work on art on my Fun Stuff page. After I saw what Cameo could do, I asked her to draw me some more artwork for use as covers.

Today, I am revealing the finished art work.

Ladies and gentlemen and kittens of all ages, I present to you:

Storm Front (Storm Force short stories)

Storm Front final cover



Storm of Blood (Storm Force #1)

Storm of Blood final cover

Both of these covers are drawn by Cameo. Please support her by visiting: – Illustration portfolio – writer’s blog/website – Facebook

Storm of Blood is on Goodreads!

Storm of Blood is on Goodreads!

Add it here.

Add iiiiiiiiiiiiiiit!

I haven’t put the cover up yet because it’s not final. Also, I put the book on Goodreads because I have been tossing back and forth on whether or not I really want to publish it. Even after paying for custom cover art and editing. Why? Because I’m not sure I want to do this self-publishing thing anymore.

This way I HAVE to publish it. Because one of the things I hate is when self-published authors put their books on Goodreads then never publish them (for whatever reason ).

I will not be one of those people.

Storm of Blood is coming. Soon.

My Experience of Working with a Professional Copy Editor

  • They will not change your voice.
  • They will not improve the overall general standard of writing.
  • What I mean by that is they will not comb through each sentence and rewrite it for you. If your writing is shit, it will still be shit. it will just be readable shit.
  • They will catch the majority of typos and grammatical errors.
  • They will fix your punctuation according to the accepted style.
  • They will tell you when your sentence just sounds stupid.
  • They will check to see how colloquial your slang is and if it is understandable.
  • They will tell you to rewrite, but will not rewrite it for you.
  • They will make sure you don’t use stupid speech tags (SORRY, K!).
  • They will research the correct terminology and make sure you’re not saying something stupid and/or incorrect.
  • They will laugh at unintended innuendos.
  • They will tell you when you’re being cheesy.
  • They will tell you when they want it to be better.
  • They will teach you about your own weaknesses, but this does not mean that you won’t need an editor ever again.
  • They will not be offended when you do not accept a change. After all, they are only advising you. You have the final say on your own product.

And We’re Done! (Again)

So after a month and a half of gruelling editing where I have totally shirked my August Camp NaNoWriMo aspirations, I have finally completed the newest, shiniest draft of Storm of Blood.

It’s going off to some loyal and totally fantastic beta readers ahead of it landing in the lap of my shiny editor in a couple of months.

I am so relieved! This year has been so difficult, what with my grandfather dying (I so cannot deal with grief narratives right now), moving to Australia, finding employment, dealing with said employment (some times I just need to relax!), and planning a wedding. I seem to be the kind of person who puts so much effort into what I do, a perfectionist attitude, that I have no energy for anything else other than what I’m working on at the time. I have no idea how other writers manage to do it. Most of the time I feel like I’m barely keeping my head above the water.

But yay! And also, these characters? Tina and Ten won’t leave me alone. They’re already harassing me for a new book. Jeez, guys! I just finished the last one! Give me some time to relax.

Tina Storm’s Novel Has A New Name

Although the poll to rename Storm Front #6, working title The Oncoming Storm, closed some time ago, I’ve been busy buried in edits for Tina Storm’s first full-length novel.

I know you’ve been patiently waiting for me to reveal the new title – thanks for all your enquiries!

Here are the results:

As you can see, one title has an overwhelming amount of support.

I am pleased to announce that Tina Storm’s first full-length novel is going to be called


Thanks for voting!

In related news – in the coming weeks Storm Front, the short story collection, will have some changes made to it. I’m turning it into a prequel – thanks to self-publishing, I can actually make changes like this.  The series is now called Storm Force, with Storm Front the prequel and the first novel Storm of Blood. The stories will no longer be available individually. With the new novel coming out, I want things to be more uniform.

When I am free of the Kindle Lending Library, which currently has me until October, the Kindle version of Storm of Blood packaged with The Archive of Lost Dreams will change as well.

And yes, there will be more novels starring Tina Storm. More on that later!