Smashwords Authors Give Back Sale

The corona virus is wreaking havoc across the globe, and many people are required to self-isolate and/or have lost their incomes.

Smashwords authors banded together to request Smashwords run a special sale:

“These authors wanted to show their support to readers who now face unprecedented social isolation, anxiety and economic hardship as a result of the world response to the Covid-19 pandemic.”

There is one small thing I can do to make this time seem a bit less shitty, so I have joined the sale. Staying home a reading can be one of the best things you can do in this situation, so from now until 20 April 2020, most of my books are free or deeply discounted on Smashwords.

The Archive of Lost Dreams is always free at Smashwords.

Four short paranormal tales. The Archive of Lost Dreams: a little girl discovers the importance of dreams and wishes. Roses Are Red: Loren meets her guardian angel who is struggling with jealousy issues. Don’t Even Peep: Eight year old Susan investigates the secrets in her Victorian home. Round, Round The Fairy Ring: Seven year old Abigail’s new baby sister is replaced with a fairy changeling.

Tina Storm: Demon Hunter is always free at Smashwords.

Tina Storm has never been a normal teenager. She’s a demon hunter with the gift of a lightning vanquish – an inherited power from a long line of Storm demon hunters and researchers. Tina Storm: Demon Hunter is the prequel to Demon’s Blood and consists of five urban fantasy ultra-short stories (under 5k) that trace Tina’s adventures as she moves to a new town and starts a new school.

If you enjoyed Tina Storm: Demon Hunter, now you can continue Tina’s story for free with her first full-length adventure, my YA paranormal Demon’s Blood. 

Tina Storm, an Australian teenage demon hunter, must infiltrate a coven of witches to discover who is leading the illegal blood magic rituals whilst juggling the attentions of the hottest male witch and her Chinese shapeshifting demon boyfriend, and has to do it all without the use of her lightning vanquish.

Also, for a very limited time only, my deep space cyborg adventure sci-fi The Edge of Darkness will also be free.

When Max , an unwilling cyborg, is sent back to Earth at the end of an interstellar war, she uncovers a conspiracy aboard the transport ship and must race to find the answers and save the people she cares about before her world and everything she knows is lost to darkness.

I have never made the Lies for a Living box set free or discounted anywhere, and this will be your only chance to get it at a discounted rate (I didn’t want to put in in the sale at all, but I then I thought better). Currently, it is $2.40 down from $5.99, which means that it is cheaper to buy the complete trilogy in the Lies for a Living box set than it is to buy just one of the novellas. I haven’t made this one free because it’s my latest, but you can read more about it here.

All three Lies for a Living novellas bundled into one novel-length romantic adventure set in London.

Book #1 Backstage Heat
Can BBW Tori learn to trust a man who lies for a living?

Book #2 Centre Stage
The paparazzi have revealed Tori and Cameron’s secret relationship, but is Cameron up to his old ways?

Book #3 Name in Lights
With Cameron on location, can Tori resist the new rockstar bad boy?

Go forth and read!

I predicted this controversial new black hole theory in 2011

This post contains spoilers for my 2011 novel THE EDGE OF DARKNESS, a sci-fi about cyborgs in deep space.

If you would like to read THE EDGE OF DARKNESS, please contact me via my Contact page and I can arrange to have an ebook in almost any format emailed to you. Alternatively, visit The Edge of Darkness page on my website and to find places you can purchase it.

Just today I saw a news article about a new theory regarding the event horizon in black holes.


Although no one has ever actually ‘seen’ a black hole, researchers say that it is the result of a star, one many times larger than ours, going supernova, which results in the remaining matter being pulled together by a gravity so strong that nothing, not matter, not even light, can pass through. They are called black holes because light ‘bends’ around them due to their gravitational strength, but once past the ‘event horizon’ no light can pass.

According to NASA,

The supermassive black hole at the center of the Milky Way galaxy is called Sagittarius A. It has a mass equal to about 4 million suns and would fit inside a ball with a diameter about the size of the sun.


The new research, published in the journal Physical Review Letters, hypothesis that it is possible for a person to bypass the singularity and in doing so, break Einstein’s Law of General Relativity.

The law of General Relativity states that the laws of physics apply to everything, but black holes can rip apart the fabric of space and time, therefore negating the laws of physics.

Deep inside a black hole, past its event horizon, is the singularity, a place where even time ceases to exist.

Everything the black hole has ‘eaten’ will reach a point, a second ‘Cauchy’ event horizon, on its journey to the singularity, and this is the point where, with a specific type of black hole, matter may be able to bypass the singularity.

“An enormous, electrically-charged black hole would allow things to pass through this Cauchy horizon and dodge the singularity at its heart.”

And what happens when the singularity is dodged? When time itself has been manipulated?

“Your past has been erased. Your future is eternal.

This is what the mathematicians and physicists believe is the outcome of crossing a black hole’s Cauchy horizon.”

In other words:

Researchers believe people can pass through them. It’s just that your past will be erased even as your future becomes infinite.

HOW DOES THIS RELATE TO The Edge of Darkness?

In The Edge of Darkness, towards the end of the novel my hero Max falls through a black hole and emerges 400 years in the past. She erases this past and switches into one of the many posisble futures.

One of my readers laughed at me and said, “It’s highly implausible this would actually happen.”

I said, “Sure, that’s why it’s called science fiction.”

Now who’s laughing?

Do you think someone in scientific research got their hands on a copy of The Edge of Darkness and got thinking about the events within?

I’ll probably never know, but it’s exciting to think that life is imitating MY art.

Write What You Know: Knowing More Than You Put On The Page

knowing more

As a writer, I feel the need to really know my characters, their situations, their props and settings.

For The Edge of Darkness, that wasn’t so hard. It was largely a made-up world, set in deep space on a spaceship and the weapons used were also made up.

Internet-Based Research

I did some research on amputees and prosthetics to try to get a feel for what Max might be feeling as a cyborg with a robotic arm. I researched what kind of food could theoretically be grown on a spaceship. I researched some other science-y things. But when I wrote the story, I probably knew a lot more than I was putting in to the book.

With Winter Witch, one of my characters wears a monocle. I had no idea how monocles stayed put, so I did some research to better understand my character. I found out how someone inserts and wears a monocle, and I felt like I had a strong grasp on the eyepiece and I wrote it into the book.

When I mentioned the research to friends, another author piped up that she was interested in how people wore monocles. I was surprised, because I was sure I’d read one of her characters in one of her books I’d read actually did wear a monocle. I was surprised because this author didn’t know how her character wore a monocle and she clearly hadn’t done the research into finding it out. Maybe she didn’t care. Maybe it wasn’t important. The character wore a monocle and that’s all we needed to know.


Write what you know.

“Write what you know” is probably one of the most repeated pieces of writing advice out there. And it’s true, you should write about what you know. But you can always expand upon what you know by research.

As for me? I didn’t feel comfortable writing about a character who wore a monocle until I knew exactly how a monocle worked. I think it’s an issue with my perfectionism that I needed to research something so foreign to me. But I didn’t want to make some basic mistake that a monocle-wearing fan might point out in the book.

My character doesn’t even take his monocle off or put it back on, so I’m not quite sure why it was so important to me to know these things. Maybe for future reference? I’m sure I only mention the monocle in passing.

The research I did certainly wasn’t earth-shattering, but as a writer I felt like I needed to know more than I was putting on the page.

I think that’s why we’re told to write what we know.

Christmas/New Year Giveaway Winners

Hi kittens! I hope everyone had a fantabulous New Year period.

Now for the part I know you’ve been waiting with bated breath on the edge of your seat for. The winners of the giveaway where you got to choose which of my books you could receive.

Because there were eight entries, there are four winners.

Eveyone should check their emails because I’ve sent off the coupons now.

If you didn’t win, that’s too bad, but better luck for next time!

That’s right: because I’m an indie author I can host giveaways as often as I want. Which is really cool, actually. Because I guarantee there will be more in the future.

Thanks for playing, kittens! I had fun. Almost as much fun as this kitty: