Fun Stuff

Here you can find random tidbits to do with my writing.

TINA from Storm Force

This is my very first piece of fan art, painted by the totally awesome Cameo Anderson.

“Tina Storm” by Cameo Anderson

Please show your support by visiting Cameo’s websites: – Illustration portfolio – writer’s blog/website – Cameo Anderson – Writer/Illustrator on Facebook

TENGU from Storm Force

I never found an actor or model to really represent what Tengu looks like to me, but this is probably the nearest I could find:

Takeshi Kaneshiro is half Japanese and half Taiwanese. Optimally in my dream cast I would like to find a Chinese actor, preferably from Hong Kong (as is Tengu’s family).

Here are the two actors who inspired Lachlan and Chelsea in Storm of Blood:

LACHLAN from Storm of Blood

Michael Copon is half Filipino, half German and all American. The fact that Lachlan and Max from The Edge of Darkness are both Filipino is coincidental.

Gratuitous shirtless photo for anyone reading the novel:

CHELSEA from Storm of Blood

Cassie Scerbo: A tiny, pretty girl, I think her and her platinum extensions would do Chelsea justice.

MAX from The Edge of Darkness

It’s difficult finding someone with the perfect heritage to represent your the way your character might look. Max is a Filipino-descended Australian. In my dream cast, she would be portrayed by Natalie Mendoza, who is a Hong Kong-born, Australian-British-Filipina.

She just looks so badass.

ETHAN from The Edge of Darkness

James Napier Robertson is a New Zealand actor.



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