Lost Dreams Cover Change

One of the perks of being an indie author is the ability to change the cover art of your books whenever you feel like it.

I’ve never been 100% happy with the original cover for The Archive of Lost Dreams because the Smashwords version, which uploaded to Barnes and Noble, Kobo, Diesel and Sony among others, was always a little blurry no matter what I did.

So I’ve changed the cover ever so slightly. It’s still got the same feel to it and it’s very similar to the original cover. I like this one better, though.

New Cover:

taold2014 kindle

New cover: 2014

Old Cover:


Archive of lost dreams

Old cover: 2013

As a side note, I’ve temporarily unpublished The Archive of Lost Dreams and Storm Front from the Smashwords store and affiliates. They’ve been available for free there for quite some time (thanks for the downloads!), but while I was doing that, I was unable to make them free on Amazon. This gives me a chance to enroll them in Kindle Select and make them free for five days in a 3 month period. Keep a look out for the free promotions on Amazon!

Oops, I’ve Done It Again

Storm of Blood final coverWell, not so much ‘oops’ as ‘Hey there, loyal readers, would you like a new book?”

Today I hit ‘publish’ on both Amazon and Smashwords for my new young adult urban fantasy/paranormal novel ‘Storm of Blood’. As you may or may not know, it is the first full-length novel starring Tina Storm, my Australian teenage demon hunter who also appeared in the short story collection ‘Storm Front’ (available for free on Smashwords and hopefully soon to be free on Amazon)

Smashwords is available immediately, of course. Amazon will take about a day to show up on, and a bit longer for the international sites. Smashwords sites like Barnes and Noble and Diesel will be available in a few weeks. I’ll let you know when it’s available in your favourite format.

Here’s the link to the Smashwords site for Storm of Blood.

Also, Storm of Blood will be free on Smashwords until the end of May if you enter the following coupon during check-out:


The coupon expires on May 31 2013, so if you’ve been waiting patiently for this novel now’s your chance to grab it in .mobi, Word, epub or whatever your favourite format is.


What I Learned About Taste From Serial Publishing

I published Storm Front as five separate short stories and a separate novella on Smashwords. The Storm Front short stories were free, so there’s no reason not to ‘buy’ them – except for personal taste. The stories can be distilled down to the basic following: the introduction story, the school play, the weird one that’s more like a character study, the vampire, and the serial killer.

I’ve been monitoring the ‘sales’ of these short stories over several different outlets (Barnes & Noble, Smashwords, Diesel, Kobo etc) and some things stand out over and over again.

  • The Calm Before The Storm is the most popular at most outlets. It was the first one published, so that could explain why – it’s had more exposure than the later stories. It’s also the only story not from Tina’s point of view.
  • Take The Stage By Storm is the least popular – which is interesting, because it’s the one that builds off my personal experiences most closely. It’s my most obvious ‘write what you know’ because I was heavily involved in theatre when I was Tina’s age.
  • A Storm is Brewing is the second least popular – I guess people aren’t as intrigued by the Noah romance and the mystery of the story’s demon as they are by…
  • Lost in the Storm, which has that ultra important keyword ‘vampire’ in the description (we all know vampires are still incredibly popular). This story and Weather the Storm tussle it out for second spot after The Calm Before The Storm in most outlets, but sometimes they have more downloads than the first story. They’re by far the most popular stories overall, and I think that has something to do with vampires and serial killers appealing more than school plays and the mysterious third story demon.
  • Lost in the Storm and Weather the Storm are also my longest short stories clocking in at 3200 and 4300 words respectively. That could also have something to do with the download rates. Maybe people think they are getting more ‘value’ if they download a longer story – although each story is technically ultra-short because they fall under 5K, and they’re all free downloads in those outlets.

Pages Updated And The Christmas Break

I’m quite exhausted but I’ve just spent the entire evening updating the pages for Storm Front and The Archive of Lost Dreams with all the links where you can find the different versions of the books and short stories.

There might be some more tweaking in the future, and when the exclusive version of The Archive of Lost Dreams becomes available in the other ebook store fronts (Kobo, Diesel, Barnes & Noble, and iTunes) I’ll add those links as well.

As for that, I’m officially taking a break from blogging (unless Storm Front appears on Goodreads). Have a very happy and safe Christmas and I’ll see you in the New Year with some new writing adventures!

Don't ask me why we're missing Mulan and Pocahontas - maybe their gowns aren't quite sparkly enough? MERRY CHRISTMAS!

Tis The Season And All That: Christmas Giveaway

Hi beautiful people.

I have an announcement to make.

While I’m not sure if Storm Front (bundled with The Archive of Lost Dreams) will be available for the Kindle before Christmas (I’m going away for a few days at a crucial moment, bad timing I know, but that’s what Christmas is all about!), I’m still waiting on The Archive of Lost Dreams to be approved for the Premium Catalogue on Smashwords. My last few stories have taken up to two/three weeks to be approved and shipped so I don’t expect the Archive will be available on Kobo, Diesel, iTunes etc before Christmas.

On top of my perpetually bad timing, I’m offering a


Complete with a Disney-themed Christmas picture! (The Enchanted Christmas)

Because I feel like it, and it’s Christmas, and because I’m an indie writer I can do as I please. And it pleases me greatly to host this giveaway.

I’m giving away copies of both of my books on Smashwords: The deep space cyberpunk The Edge of Darkness, and my collection of paranormal short stories, The Archive of Lost Dreams. (Remember, the five Storm Front urban fantasy short stories are still currently FREE on Smashwords.)

To qualify for the giveaway, you must do the following:

  • Leave a comment saying which book you’d prefer a copy of: The Edge of Darkness or The Archive of Lost Dreams.
  • Make sure you leave a VALID email address in the comment, because this will be the email address I contact you with. You’ll be receiving a code for a limited time free Smashwords download.
  • It is not required that you subscribe to this blog, but it would be a nice thought!

I’m going to be selecting winners at random, and the number of winners will be equal to half the number of entries. If there are two entries there will be one winner, if there are four entries there will be two winners. If there are one hundred entries there will be fifty winners! (Eh, a girl can dream).

So basically you have a 50/50 chance of winning! And the more entries there are, the more I will give away!

  • It would help A LOT if you tweeted, Facebooked and blogged about this giveaway, but it won’t give you an extra entry.
  • This giveaway will end on New Year’s Eve! That gives you a little over a week to help spread the word and get as many friends to enter as you can, because the more entries there are, the more winners there will be!

Good luck, and please have a very happy and safe holiday!